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Saving fire service careers since 2006


Terminating a firefighter has a devastating impact on that firefighter and impacts the morale of the entire agency.


Terminating a firefighter costs taxpayers up to five times that firefighter’s salary.


There is a workplace lawsuit being filed against a fire service agency once every 12 weeks in the US.

Why CSG?

Saving Fire Service Careers since 2006

Administrative safety violations are the root of most firefighter personnel actions, terminations, and workplace lawsuits. These are all stressful and costly events that impact morale and public trust. Additionally, administrative safety violations frequently derail the agency’s efforts at recruitment and inclusion.

For more than a decade, Career Survival Group has been established as the premier resource for addressing fire service administrative safety having provided Career Survival training to more than 100 agencies in the US and Canada and thousands of firefighters.

Our experience fills in the gaps created by existing “check the box” administrative trainings. Our “boots on the ground” approach clarifies risks and models familiar operational safety formulas


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“What Keeps the Fire Chief Awake at Night?”

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“The Best Investigation Is The One We Don’t Have To Do”
– Career Survival Group

Social Media And Your Body Of Work
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