Testimonials & Client List

“I wanted you to know that I think the class yesterday was absolutely the very best HR related harassment training I have ever participated in. I don’t know where you found those gentlemen, but they really did a great job. I think we should continue to interact with them in future years, and I think that their discussion is valuable to review with our officers.”

“I want to commend you & thank for yesterday’s harassment training! That was, by far, the most relevant & firefighter relatable harassment training I’ve ever seen. I received nothing but positive feedback from the A-shift crews. Nice job on finding a way to connect with “firefighter” culture. Not sure if or how we can maintain training like that or from that group, but I hope to see more training like that in the future. Keep up the good work & THANK YOU!”
Battalion Chief

“Dear Chief,
Just wanted to say thank you for facilitating that training on Monday. Normally, I wouldn’t say thank you for training although I am always grateful, but this guy impacted and caused me to pause and think about ALL of the nonsense that we see and have seen in the firehouse. Over the years and all of the training that I have attended there are a few instructors that burned into my memory and this guy will be up there with the ranks of Gordon Graham. The instructor was relatable and easy to understand. He made impactful statements that I am 100% sure have already happened and are happening right here in our firehouse.

You know that I have said that I will have blind faith in your leadership and I am not one to mince my words. After this training my faith in your leadership is less blind and I appreciate that you have the vision to bring this to us.”


“The presentation was humorous and serious at the same time. I am ashamed that I have been a part of the culture that they talked about. It will sure make me think next time before I just jump in with the gang. “

“A+ instructor! The best information I’ve ever received in my 29 year career!”

“Raw and emotional! This class should be a requirement for company officer positions. Thank you for your passionate service.”

Client List

Alameda County Fire, CA

Alhambra Fire, CA

Aptos/La Selva Fire, CA

Arizona Fire Chiefs Assoc.

Beverly Hills Fire, CA

Boston Fire, MA

Brighton Fire, CO

Brooklyn Park Fire, MN

Burbank Fire, CA

Carlsbad Fire, CA

Central Arizona F&R, AZ

Christiana Fire, DE

Chula Vista Fire, CA

Colorado Springs Fire, CO

Contra Costa County Fire, CA

Clovis Fire, CA

Corona Fire, CA

Coronado Fire, CA

Culver City Fire, CA

Del Mar Fire, CA

El Dorado Hills Fire, CA

Firehouse World Expo

El Segundo Fire CA

Encinitas Fire, CA

Folsom Fire, CA

Fountain Valley Fire, CA

Glendale Fire, CA

Hayward Fire, CA

Heartland Fire & Rescue, CA


Huntington Beach Fire, CA

Imperial Beach Fire, CA

Kansas City Fire, KS

Kansas City Fire, MO

Lakeside Fire, CA

League of CA Cities

Leawood Fire, KS

Lincoln Fire, NE

Long Beach Fire, CA

Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Assoc., CA

Loveland Fire, CO

IAFC Metro Fire Chiefs

IAFC Missouri Valley Fire Chiefs

IAFC Fire-Rescue International

March ARB Fire, CA

Milwaukee Fire, WI

Minnesota Fire Chiefs, MN

Miramar NAS Fire, CA

Murrieta Fire, CA

Monrovia Fire, CA

Montebello Fire, CA

Monterey Park Fire, CA

Newport Beach Fire, CA

North County Fire, CA

North Metro Fire, CO

Ohio Fire Chiefs, OH

Olathe Fire, KS

Ontario Fire Chiefs Assoc., Canada

Orange County Fire, FL

Pasadena Fire, CA

Piedmont Fire, CA

Placentia FD, CA

Poway Fire, CA

Rancho Santa Fe Fire, CA

Redwood City Fire, CA

Richmond Fire, CA

Riverside Fire, CA

Rocklin Fire, CA

Sacramento Metro Fire, CA

San Bruno Fire, CA

San Bernardino County Fire, CA

San Miguel Fire, CA

San Ramon Valley Fire, CA

San Mateo Training Officers Assoc., CA

Santa Cruz Fire, CA

Santa Fe Springs Fire, CA

Santa Monica Fire, CA

Santee Fire, CA

Scott’s Valley Fire, CA

Seattle Fire, WA

Solana Beach Fire, CA

South Pasadena FD, CS

Springfield Fire, MO

Sun City Fire, AZ

Sunnyside-Bonita Fire, CA

Toronto Fire, Ontario Canada

Torrance Fire, CA

Upper Arlington Fire, OH

Utah Fire Chiefs Assoc.

Vernon Fire, CA

Vista Fire, CA

Westminster Fire, CO

Woodside Fire, CA