What We Offer

Career Survival Group

Operational VS Administrative Emphasis

Our services are based on years of researching the most common behaviors costing competent firefighters their jobs, squandering millions of taxpayer dollars annually, and eroding public trust. We bridge these behaviors to the well-established operational safety emphasis common in Fire Service to establish a “culture of compliance” with organizational administrative expectations.

Career Survival Training

A review of the most common behaviors costing firefighters their careers and tools they can use to protect themselves, their co-workers, and agency from the devastating consequences surrounding employee terminations. This presentation is available in “live” or “virtual” sessions. We also have a version specific to the academy.

Harass-Mat™ – Harassment Prevention Training for Firefighters

Borrowing from Haz-Mat training and placards, “HARASS-MAT” was specifically designed to help communicate the concepts in a “firefighter-friendly” way and build upon a culture of compliance with agency workplace expectations by developing a “reflex response” to dangerous behaviors. Agencies that have implemented these strategies have reported a noticeable and lasting change in their culture; a change that was not as evident after attempting various online or corporate-focused training presentations.

Career Survival 2.0

Maintaining a Culture of Administrative Safety

Administrative safety violations are frequently at the root of workplace environment claims and personnel actions. Claims and actions that are costly, stressful, erode morale and public trust, and can derail the agency’s efforts towards recruitment and inclusion.

Career Survival 2.0 goes beyond the individual firefighter and is designed to establish and maintain an organizational culture of “administrate safety.”

PTSD and The Public Safety Dispatcher

Public safety dispatchers (PSD’s) are just as susceptible to stress and trauma based injury as other first responders. However, these essential employees are often an afterthought when it comes to access to PTSD related resources. This class was designed and is presented by a career PSD and offers critically needed tools and resources based on a very unique work circumstance.