Type of Service: Career Survival Training
Rank of Commenter: Captain

Dear Chief,

Just wanted to say thank you for facilitating that training on Monday. Normally, I wouldn’t say thank you for training although I am always grateful, but this guy impacted and caused me to pause and think about ALL of the nonsense that we see and have seen in the firehouse. Over the years and all of the training that I have attended there are a few instructors that burned into my memory and this guy will be up there with the ranks of Gordon Graham. The instructor was relatable and easy to understand. He made impactful statements that I am 100% sure have already happened and are happening right here in our firehouse.

You know that I have said that I will have blind faith in your leadership and I am not one to mince my words. After this training my faith in your leadership is less blind and I appreciate that you have the vision to bring this to us.